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Providing News & Information to the Australian Middle Eastern Community Since 1996.

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Editor in Chief:
Antonios Bourizk
Sydney: PO Box 422 Guildford NSW 2161 - Tel: 02-9788 0313 - Fax: 02-9632 3412 - Email: info@meherald.com.au - PP: 255003 / 09613 - Melbourne: 10 Kurai Av, Reservoir VIC 3073
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Cartoons each week in the newspaper


Elizabeth Peterson


We are here for less than 120 years, but we are in eternity for life.

What will be your Eternal Career.


World News

We bring you the latest news from Lebanon, Syria, Australia including the middle east.

We bring you the latest news in sport, current events and world political news.

You can read our weekly newspaper online or pick it up for free from your local shopping centre.


What We Do

We are a weekly newspaper that services the middle east and Australian community, it is published in arabic and english.

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About Us

The newspaper was established in 1996 to meet the demands of immigrants for news and information about this country and there previous.

It provides immigrants with important information about Australian Government and Community Service Organisations as well as news and events.

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News and Events

We will keep a regular update on the news and events that affect our subscribers.

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